We are all obsessed with shoes. It is a popular saying that unconsciously you judge a person by what shoe is they are wearing. So the new summer season is going to come soon and shoe shopping is not a cakewalk, and when it comes to summer we all want to wear something really comfortable because we spend a lot of time outdoors but at the same time want it to be new and pretty. Since different people have different personalities, specifying just a few types of shoes will not be justified. So here is a list of shoes that will be best suited for your personality for this summer:

1. If you are a girl and you prefer loose shirts and t-shirts, sweatshirts or casual shots over skirts and ladies blouse then SNEAKERS are your best friend for the summers. They are really comfortable, easy to wear and the best part is unlike heels you can wear them all day long without even a bit of pain.

2. If you want to wear something that is different and want to get over of those flip flops then the STRAPPY PLATFORM is a really cool option for the summer. They add the style quotient to your pair of denims and they elevate the cool factor. They are a must have for the summers because they are stylish and go with all kinds of dresses.

3. If you like to spice things up, then there cannot be anything better than the LACE UP STILETTOS. They are beautiful and get all the attention. If you have a meeting at office or have to go out on a dinner date, they are the best option. Whether they are tied up around the ankle and even the calf, we are already predicting that statement making lace up sandals will be any fashion girls’ first preference.

4. For the fashion girls, what better heel to step in than an OPEN TOE STILETTOS. They are really sexy and I bet whenever you wear them, they will definitely bring a smile on your face. They are the perfect match for your party dresses and are stylish and comfortable.

5. For the denim lovers, CHUNKY BOOTS are your mains. If you are not so much into the femme silhouettes and like it a bit tougher, then chunky boots is the best option. They are long lasting, really attractive and kind of give a really good look to your personality.

6. For the lazy girls, nothing can be better than ESPADRILLE. From wearing it to the beach, with crop tops, summer dresses or ripped denims the list is endless. All the major brands are promoting this piece of comfortable wearing and versatile.

7. For the boys going to college or chilling in the beach, LOAFERS are the best option. They are comfortable, easy to wear and are really light.

Whatever be your style, there is always a shoe for you and when it comes to summers and people are out on the street and you have to put your best foot forward, hen wearing good footwear is really important. I hope this article helped you in finding the correct pair of shoe for you and HAPPY SUMMERS.