Southeast Asia is famous for its pristine beaches, and many do not know, that Singapore also offers you the chance of sitting in a beach bar with a cocktail in hand, watching calm sea waves lapping onto the white sand beaches, while you listen to some reggae music. Sentosa Island and Eastern Singapore are the two main beach areas of Singapore.

Sentosa Island Beaches:

• Siloso Beach: It is a typical Southeast Asian beach having clear blue water, including beach bars, little shops selling sunglasses and jewelry, and everything you need in a beach. It is the busiest beach in Sentosa Island area and is the best beach for swimming.

• Palawan Beach: It is just the opposite of Siloso Beach. It is rather the quietest beach in Sentosa Island area, and is the best spot to relax. Few bars and restaurants are there. There is a bridge that takes you claims to be the southernmost point of continental Asia, which is a little island having fake grass on it shaded by palm trees – the best place in Singapore to sit in the shade and relax.

• Tanjong Beach: It is another beach in Sentosa island area, famous place for full moon parties held by Tanjong Beach Club 3 times a year. You can have few drinks and relax here.

Eastern Singapore Beaches:

• East Coast Park Beach: It is the most popular among the eastern beaches of Singapore. It is a great weekend spot to go cycling. You will relish the seafood found in the huge hawker centre near the beach. You can swim in the beach depending on the overhead conditions.

• Changi Park Beach: If you want to enjoy the sunset in Singapore, go nowhere but the beach at Changi Park. There are some cool bars and restaurants nearby. Enjoy seeing the planes flying really low overhead as the airport is really close to the beach. The beach is not for swimming though as it is a bit rougher than the other beaches.

• Pasir Ris Park Beach: It is the perfect spot for a barbeque and some beers. It is also a good spot for cycling, but the water is not recommended for swimming.

The beaches in Singapore are excellent getaways for a day away from the city. You can enjoy your time swimming in the Sentosa Island beaches or having a barbeque party with some beer in the eastern beaches – you can relax in any of these best beaches of Singapore.